Kofi Cole is the nom de couteau (knife name) of an American historian of
African art,
Herbert M. Cole. Cole has recently transformed 40 years of
studying the arts of Africa into a gallery of more than 500 miniature masks
and figures. These small wood carvings are remarkably true to their
traditional African models. Each sculpture is original, painstakingly carved
and painted with fine detailing, and, although on average of only three to five
inches, captures the essence of its prototype.

All pieces are for sale unless marked sold but in many instances Kofi may
have a similar piece that is not shown on the site or could carve one on
request. Feel free to contact us and ask for a particular piece.

Kofi is happy to accept special, individualized commissions. Email us at

oficole60@gmail.com  with the specifications of the desired object for
price estimate. Past commissions include birthday presents, a Baule spirit
mate, and a tableau of masks as a commemorative award. One collector,
about to give a prized piece to a museum, has asked Kofi to reproduce it ,
and another wants a miniature of a famous coveted piece in a museum, a
piece he'd never be able to buy even if it were to come up for sale. A docent
at one museum felt extremely safe around a piece he worked with daily and
asked Kofi to carve him a miniature replica to keep the evil spirits away
while he was at home.

There are so many uses for so many people: What's yours?

Enjoy your tour through Kofi Cole’s Gallery! If there is anyway we can help you
please do not hesitate to contact us.
Above: Ogbodo Enyi dances for an
appreciative crowd in Enyigba Izzi, 1983.
Above a Kofi miniature, 1 3/4"  high
beside an authentic Akua ba.

At right is a field photo taken by Herbert Cole
of an Asante shrine which shows akua ma
(plural of akua ba) returned to the god who
empowered them to provide a safe delivery
and a healthy, handsome child..
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Kofi Cole Art
Kofi Cole Art
A f r i c a n  M i n i a t u r e s
Above right: Kofi Cole's version
of the Ogbodo Enyi.
4 5/8" long
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